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1) How do I confirm the service?

A 50% deposit is required to book the makeup artist's slot. We will soft book the makeup date for 7 days from the date of inquiry. If deposit is not made, we will release the date to other customers. 

2) How many days in advance should I book the service?

As early as possible to avoid disappointment however the earliest duration is not more than 1 year from the event date. 

3) How do I make the deposit?

By online banking or PAYNOW.

4) If I don't want the trial from Package, will there be a deduction of price?

Trial is highly encouraged as you can identify what makeup and hairstyle suits you better. It is also a good time for brides to meet and interact with the makeup artist and allows her to understands you better. Afterall, she will be the one who helps you throughout your special day.

Hence,  there will be no deduction of price if you don't want trial.

5) If I don't want ampoule/faux eyelashes, will there be a deduction of price? 

No because it is complimentary and part of the Package.

6) What are the things that I need to bring or prepare for the trial session?

  • Photos of the gowns you will be wearing (wedding gowns, evening gowns or dress or cheongsam).

        This allows the makeup artist to recommend the makeup and hairstyle and choose the suitable accessories to ​complement with your gowns.

  • Pictures on the makeup and hairstyle that you like so that we can identify your preferred styles.

  • Pictures of the makeup and hairstyle that you dislike so that we can avoid those specific styles.

  • Wear a white top or a dress to substitute the wedding gown.

  • Ensure that your face is clean and has no prior makeup on it. 

  • Please avoid washing your hair before coming to trial.

Do not feel hesitate to tell us your thoughts and what are the areas you need us to do some adjustments. We are there to make you a blissful and beautiful bride on this special day of yours.

7) Can I schedule a trial on weekends?

Trial will be scheduled preferably on week days as our weekends will be packed with weddings.

8) What do I need to prepare on the wedding day?

  • Ensure that your face is clean and do not apply any products. 

  • Please avoid washing your hair on the wedding day. You can wash it the night before.

  • Please prepare a big mirror, a chair and a empty table for me to put my makeup and tools for the makeover session.

8) How and when do I pay the balance payment?

Balance to be made on the service day by cash. 

9) If I cancel the service after placing deposit, will I get the refund?

There will be no refund once deposit is made.

10) Will there be early morning surcharges?

There will be an early morning surcharges for makeup before and at 7am.

11) What is air brush makeup?

It is a light weight makeup applied through an air gun machine which will dispersed an extremely fine mist. This gives a thin and light layer of makeup which provides flawless coverage and yet still allows your skin to breathe. The final result is a very natural and polished look.

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